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digital communications and engagement specialist
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Making changes to the places and services people cherish and rely on has never been easy for government or businesses to do. However, this has become immeasurably harder as trust in these institutions has been eroded by scandals, high profile failures and digital powered rumours. 

Gone are the days of radical changes being waved through on the say-so of the all-powerful experts. Undoubtedly this is a good thing as scrutiny is a vital component of creating legitimacy for change and good outcomes. However,  all too often this doesn’t happen as the dialogue which underpins scrutiny is undermined by a lack of trust.  




Lesley Johnson

Director at Johnson Pancucci 

 Paul had an immediate impact. He understands complexity when engaging with a large number of people across a range of issues that matter to them - and has brought clarity and a strong, practical approach to devising and implementing the engagement strategy

Julian Ellerby

Director of Campaigns & Communications at London Borough of Lambeth

Paul’s understanding of how engagement really works was crucial for us in Lambeth when we wanted to address issues such as housing supply. He allowed us to genuinely involve residents in decision making. His knowledge of digital alongside an empathy with the issues involved allowed us to make real progress 

Anil Ranchod

Deputy Director Public Relations & Comms Stroke Association

“Paul was brilliant. His analysis and presentation was easy to understand and very thorough, without being biased. We have a lot of work to do and really appreciate Paul's feedback and assessment."



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