What were they thinking?

Last Sunday (1st May 2016) was 5 years since the CIA raid which killed Osama Bin Laden. A significant event I think we can all agree. How did the CIA choose to remember this? Yes, that's right they choose to relive this highly secret raid by ‘live tweeting' as if it was happening now.


History relived on Twitter

Twitter is full of such historical reliving of events, and these have a place in bringing historical events to life in an interesting way, especially when they are personalised. The most successful execution of this I have seen was Channel 4's D Day: As it happened'.

This didn't just tweet out events, but followed a number of real people through their experiences on June 5th and 6th 1944 Perhaps, inevitably Twitter responded to the CIA's reliving of one of its greatest ‘hits' with a combination of humour and conspiracy theories.



What's the harm?

You could argue that no harm was done except to the pride of someone in the CIA's social media team, and probably that is all the harm that was done. However, I have to ask myself what was the CIA's communications team trying to achieve?

This is hardly ancient history that people would have forgotten about, and indeed there are films on the topic. To me it smacks of someone thinking that reliving this event via Twitter would be ‘cool'. If that was the only reason, then this project should have stayed on the drawing board.

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