How do your find influencers on social media?


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Finding those on social media who have influence has always been a challenge, but a crucial one to master. How else are you going to focus your efforts on those who matter for your campaign, issue or company? The Tools I use to do this are.


Visualize Twitter communities and find who is influential in them


Find those who have influence on social media


Finding the right hashtag to use to get your Tweets seen.


Analysis of your Twitter followers, who are they, what are they talking about and when is the best time to post.

Looking for other tools?

As with any discipline or activity, tools are not the only part of a successful digital plan, but they are an important part. Thankfully recent years have seen an explosion of free, cheap and sometimes not so cheap tools which let anyone with a credit card access the sort of capabilities which 10 to 15 years ago would have been only available to the big players, with their rooms of developers. In this set of blog posts I have gone through my list of go to tools

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