How do you manage multiple social media channels?


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If you have profiles on multiple platforms and multiple profiles, managing them can become a nightmare. Unlike other areas I only have one tool I turn to – Hootsuite. Others may look better, others might have the edge in certain areas, but overall I haven’t found anything to beat it – yet!

So what should you do?

Head to so you can create your account and link up your different social media profiles.

Also have a look here:

Hootsuite apps:

Do you use Evernote? Then there is an App to link Hootsuite to it. Use MailChimp? Then there is an App to link it to Hootsuite. Use Survey Monkey? Then, you guessed it there is an App to link it to Hootsuite.


This Browser based plug-ins makes Hootsuite even easier to use.

Looking for other tools?

As with any discipline or activity, tools are not the only part of a successful digital plan, but they are an important part. Thankfully recent years have seen an explosion of free, cheap and sometimes not so cheap tools which let anyone with a credit card access the sort of capabilities which 10 to 15 years ago would have been only available to the big players, with their rooms of developers. In this set of blog posts I have gone through my list of go to tools

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