How do you controlling the fire hose of information?


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There is a lot of content out there and sorting out what is useful to you and what is not is a major challenge. These help me out:

Google Alerts:
Automated alerts from the web and social media

Google advanced search:
Narrowing down search results to what you actually need

Search terms:
These not only improve your search results, but also your Google Alerts results:

Feedly helps you find interesting content and builds a news feed of content that you can repost and use to inspire you.

Looking for other tools?

As with any discipline or activity, tools are not the only part of a successful digital plan, but they are an important part. Thankfully recent years have seen an explosion of free, cheap and sometimes not so cheap tools which let anyone with a credit card access the sort of capabilities which 10 to 15 years ago would have been only available to the big players, with their rooms of developers. In this set of blog posts I have gone through my list of go to tools

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