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A few weeks ago when I was working in a client's office I overheard someone ask a colleague ‘What is the difference between a Blackberry and a Raspberry?' My immediate reaction was to turn around and say that you can't really compare the Blackberry smart(ish) phone and the Raspberry PI credit card sized computer. It was only after I had turned around did I realise that they were talking about fruit. 

While this story shows is that I am probably too tech obsessed and that I definitely don't eat enough fruit, I would argue that if you want to be successful in a world which has both smart phones and a computer you can buy for £35, being able to build digital into everything you do is essential.

Digital is now essential

If you agree with that you can skip to the end of this post. If you don’t, please read on:

- ‘Google it' has entered the lexicon, Wikipedia has become the world's primary source of facts and pub quiz winning information, Facebook has a larger population than most countries on the planet and Twitter is where news is revealed to a global audience.
- As Tom Standage in his book, Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2,000 Years, described, the era of mass communications with a few all powerful gatekeepers is over.
- The likes of 38 Degrees,, and Twitter are stopping the powerful from hiding and keeping things from the public.

In short, digital is no longer the reserve of the IT team - it pervades everything. This is especially true of those who need to build relationships regardless of whether those relationships are focused on turning leads into clients, donors or campaigners.

So, if you don't know your Blackberry from your Raspberry or more importantly how to use Twitter properly or create engaging content on Facebook you need to fix that.

I can help you with that

On the 2nd February I will be holding a training session entitled 'Using digital to build long lasting & useful relationships'. You can book your place now:

If you are someone who works in campaigns or communications, who is planning a campaign or has a lot of experience but doesn’t feel comfortable with using digital this session is for you. By attending you will get an introduction to key frameworks, an introduction to the right tools to use, and examples of what has and hasn’t worked.

Don’t miss out out!

Places at the session are limited, so please book early. As an added incentive for the first 5 sign ups there is an early bird discount of £5 bringing the cost of a ticket to £10.

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