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Fuelled by the rise of digital technologies, people now expect a relationship between themselves and the organisations that they engage with. While this presents challenges, it is also a huge opportunity. This is because by nurturing these relationships you can build a community of support. I have 15 years’ experience blending digital strategy, tools and tactics with traditional approaches. I have done this for campaigns, local government and in the private sector. While I am an innovator always looking for the latest tools I am grounded by a focus on results and the practicalities of getting the job done on time and on budget.

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Consultation, advocacy, trust and legitimacy

As former War Studies student, I often find myself reaching back to quotes from military and strategic thinkers when dealing with professional challenges. One of these most reach for quotes is attributed to Sun Tzu:

'Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat'

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Planning, preparation prevents p**s poorer performance

Given how it turned out Theresa May’s recent cabinet reshuffle will largely be remembered for what went wrong, rather than what went right, and I am sure students of Westminster will study  May’s handling as an example of how not to do reshuffles for years to come.

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So, what are your New Years resolutions?

I will stay away from the usual ones of eating & drinking less along with exercising more. No, I will focus more on my area of expertise - digital communications.

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Making the most of the holidays

Hopefully, all of you have had an enjoyable Xmas and are getting ready for 2018. From my expanded waistline I know that I have definitely enjoyed Xmas a bit too much. 

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Who do you trust most?

Who do you trust most? Your doctor? Your significant other? Your parents? Probably. Your bank? Big business? Government? Well, if the last ‘Trust Barometer’ from Edelman is to be believed probably not, as it revealed that in the UK there is now less than 50 percent trust in the mainstream institutions of business, Government, media and NGOs to do the right thing.

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