What I do


Fuelled by the rise of digital technologies, people now expect a relationship between themselves and the organisations that they engage with. While this presents challenges, it is also a huge opportunity. This is because by nurturing these relationships you can build a community of support.

I have 15 years’ experience blending digital strategy, tools and tactics with traditional approaches. I have done this for campaigns, local government and in the private sector. While I am an innovator always looking for the latest tools I am grounded by a focus on results and the practicalities of getting the job done on time and on budget.

Who I have done this for 

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My testimonials

“Paul was a really good account director. He understood our campaigns and worked with us to ensure Tangent delivered the tools, infrastructure and personnel to needed to deliver. He was key to ensuring Tangent maintained a close relationship with us over many years and worked hard to ensure our digital and campaign capability was as strong, and forward looking, as possible. I would recommend Paul to organisations and campaigns looking to implement a step change in their digital capability”

Steve Buckingham - BBC Worldwide

“He applies himself to issues and challenges and will work through them to a successful end. He is also someone who you can rely on in all circumstances - which is an excellent asset in a campaign setting. I have genuinely enjoyed working with Paul and would highly recommend him”

Julian Ellerby - Director of Campaigns and Communications at London Borough of Lambeth

“Paul was brilliant. His analysis and presentation was easy to understand and very thorough, without being biased. We have a lot of work to do and really appreciate Paul's feedback and assessment."

Anil Ranchod - Deputy Director Public Relations & Comms Stroke Association

"I have worked with Paul on a large and demanding programme of housing regeneration. Paul had an immediate impact. He understands complexity when engaging with a large number of people across a range of issues that matter to them - and has brought clarity and a strong, practical approach to devising and implementing the engagement strategy."

Lesley Johnson - Director at Johnson Pancucci 

How I work


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To help improve your digital activities I offer a no obligation face to face 'coffee and consultation' in London and a Skype version for people outside of London - you will need to provide your own coffee. Interested? Then start your journey now.


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